3 Smart Steps To Take If You Want To Prevent Cavities

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You should think of brushing your teeth as an indispensable part of your daily routine. That being said, if this is all you are doing to protect yourself against cavities, you can fall short of fully supplying the care that you need. If you neglect to maintain a smart diet, or if you tend to skip out on flossing, you can find yourself needing restorative dental care. Avoiding regular checkups at your dentist’s office can also increase your risk. Missing these appointments can also allow problems to go undetected when they form, and you may find yourself needing more involved care for a more serious issue as a result.

1. Make Sure You Brush AND Floss Your Teeth

Brushing and flossing your teeth, and putting the effort into doing both effectively, can give you a serious defense against tooth decay. When you brush, take your time, and make sure you work to clean harder to reach areas. Flossing should involve moving the string up and down, not simply back and forth.

2. Make Sure You Are Regularly Attending Dental Checkups

At regular dental checkups, your hygienist is protecting your smile by removing tartar from your teeth. Tartar forms over time when built-up plaque is not removed in time. If nothing is done about it in the dentist’s office, it will continue to cause problems that can lead to a cavity.

3. Think About What Your Diet Is Doing To Your Smile

If you want to stay in good shape, you need to think about your diet. The same is true for your oral health. If you want to avoid cavities, make sure you are keeping a limit on the sugar you tend to consume. Sticky and acidic foods can also lead to potential issues.

Enjoy Expert Preventive Care At Spring Pearl Dental

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