4 Things About Dental Care That Make You Wonder

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When you spend any amount of time thinking about your dental care, you may find that there are some very straightforward details (like how often you should brush and floss). Then, there are those details that can cause you to wonder. For instance, you may wonder why you have to floss, why we have decided you need a dental crown, and more! Rather than allowing our care to remain a mystery to you, we offer some insightful knowledge (and suggest you ask your questions when you see us).

#1: The Frequency We Suggest For Visits

You might wonder if we simply pulled a number out of a hat when deciding how often you should come see us for your preventive care visits (remember, these include your dental checkups and cleanings). As a matter of fact, every six months is not a random decision. It’s an optimized plan to ensure we see you before tartar has the chance to accumulate and damage your teeth and gums.

#2: Flossing … Is It Important?

Wondering if flossing is important? This aspect of your dental care is absolutely essential! If you neglect to floss, your chance of periodontal problems and tooth decay increases dramatically.

#3: Restorative Treatments We Suggest When You Feel Fine

Wondering why you need a filling, dental crown, or otherwise when your smile feels A-OK? Not all oral health issues begin with obvious symptoms like pain. Fortunately, treating issues immediately with dental care will prevent pain from occurring, since we fix the problem ASAP.

#4: How To Improve Esthetic Issues

Trying to figure out how to make your smile look better? Stop trying and simply come in to see us. Choosing professional cosmetic care is always the safest, most effective plan.