Benefiting From Regular Dental Checkups

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Are you enjoying the benefits obtained by attending regular dental checkups? The care you receive during these routine appointments can make the difference between enjoying a healthy mouth, and finding yourself with an aching tooth affected by a cavity. There are two main components to your routine preventive appointment. One important part of your checkup is the professional cleaning, which exceeds the level of care you provide yourself during daily oral care. You also receive a professional examination from your dentist, who will point out any problems that you need to address. Early intervention can lead to treatment before a problem becomes serious, meaning any restorative dental care you require will be less involved.

How An Expert Cleaning Offers You Better Cavity Prevention

How is an expert cleaning superior to an at-home cleaning? One key to understanding the value of a professional cleaning from your hygienist is understanding the importance of removing tartar. Tartar will persist even when you brush and floss, and will continually pose a cavity threat. While you may be incapable of removing tartar, your dentist can help. Your hygienist can also have an easier time honing in on areas you have trouble effectively cleaning.

Regular Reviews Of Your Oral Health Help You Keep Your Smile Healthy

Your dentist’s regular examination of your oral health can lead to the early discovery and treatment of decay. Catching a problem early means losing less of your tooth structure to irreparable harm. You also have better odds of avoiding more involved care – if your dentist finds a cavity before it grows serious, you can avoid needing a root canal treatment.

Benefit From Regular Dental Checkups At Spring Pearl Dental

You can benefit from important preventive care when you attend regular dental checkups at Spring Pearl Dental. At each appointment, you enjoy dedicated care, which will feature a thorough cleaning of your teeth, as well as a careful review of your oral health from Dr. McElravy. If you wish to see us for a routine appointment, or to address an oral health problem, contact us today at 281-651-2782. Located in Tomball, TX, we proudly work with patients from Spring, the Woodlands, Houston, Pinehurst, and all surrounding communities.