Enjoying Relief From Dental Anxiety With Nitrous Oxide

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Dental anxiety puts many people in a difficult situation where necessary dental care can be an uncommonly stressful experience. If you experience this form of anxiety, you may be tempted to put off restorative dental work that you need due to your discomfort at being in the dentist’s chair. What you should know is that you can receive help feeling at ease when you come in for an appointment. By providing you with nitrous oxide while you receive treatment, your dentist can help you stay relaxed, while still conscious, as you undergo treatment. If you suffer a more severe form of anxiety, an oral sedative may be a preferable method of treatment.

Let Your Dentist Know If You Suffer From Dental Anxiety

If anxiety makes trips to your dentist difficult, you should let them know that you experience this issue. Receiving nitrous oxide during your time in the dentist’s office can make your experiences more pleasant, and easier to undergo. This means you are less likely to wait until a problem is too severe to be ignored. Delaying treatment can lead to problems needlessly growing worse, which will then lead to you needing more involved care.

If You Experience More Severe Discomfort, Talk To Your Dentist About Oral Sedation

If your anxiety issues are more severe, your dentist might recommend that you use an oral sedative to help you feel at ease. Oral sedation has a stronger effect, but it also creates a longer-lasting influence, which means you will need someone to give you a ride to and from your appointment.

Nitrous Oxide Can Help You Feel Relaxed During Your Next Dental Procedure

If you have struggled with dental anxiety, you may want to discuss undergoing treatment while under the influence of nitrous oxide. At Spring Pearl Dental, you can receive dedicated, professional care from Dr. McElravy and her team, and enjoy a treatment experience that is focused on providing you with the best possible experience. Located in Tomball, TX, we are proud to welcome residents of Spring, the Woodlands, Houston, Pinehurst, and all surrounding communities. You can contact us today at 281-651-2782 to set up an appointment.