Gum Pain And Sensitivity: What Gives?

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Have you noticed lately that your gums hurt? Has this caused you a bit of panic because part of you assumes you might be dealing with gum disease but you’re a little bit nervous to find out? Perhaps you assume it must be some other issue. Whatever the cause, we encourage you to recognize that paying attention to your body when it gives you signals that something has changed is very important. Fortunately, we can offer some help regarding gum pain and sensitivity, so you recognize some common culprits are to blame.

The Foods You’re Eating

Did you ever realize that the foods you’re eating may be resulting in your gum pain? There might not be something super serious happening with your oral health. Instead, you might just be irritating your gum tissue with your choices. If you’re eating particularly acidic foods, they can irritate your gums. The same is true for rough food, which can abrade them.

Your Prosthetic Or Orthodontic Device

Your gum pain and sensitivity may result in your dental work fitting poorly. It may be rubbing against your gum tissue, leading to friction, lacerations, and sores. If you suspect your retainer, aligner, denture, or other device is the cause, contact us right away.

It Might (Not) Be Gum Disease

It might be gum disease. Then again, your gum pain and sensitivity may be something else. Since this type of issue is very difficult to diagnose on your own, we encourage you to come in if your gums change in any way, so we can assist you.

Schedule A Visit To Protect Your Gum Health

Let us know if your gums are bothering you, so we may check in on them and offer necessary care. Schedule your visit in Tomball, TX by contacting Spring Pearl Dental at 281-651-2782. We proudly welcome patients from Tomball, Spring, the Woodlands, Houston, Pinehurst, and all surrounding communities.