Have A Happy Holiday!

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Are you doing your best to finish trimming the tree, to get the presents organized just right, to find that eggnog recipe you’d meant to have ready, and more? If so, you might not be spending much time worrying about your dental health. You are, however, very into the holiday spirit (which is a wonderful thing). Fortunately, we are here to help you celebrate and keep your teeth and gums safe. So without further ado, we wish you a safe, warm, cozy holiday weekend and hope you’ll take just a minute away from whatever you’re baking at the moment to check out our holiday suggestions.

Take Time For Your Teeth

Whatever activities and traditions you usually take part in over the holidays, remember that your teeth (and gums) are just as important. True, the holidays come just once each year but it only takes one day of neglecting your dental health for plaque to turn into cavity-causing tartar. In a nutshell: Take the four minutes you need out of your day (in two, two-minutes sessions) to brush. Add a flossing session to that and you can expect a smile that continues to shine even after you indulge in a box of holiday chocolates!

Get Into The Oral Health Spirit!

No, we don’t really expect you to don a sweatshirt with a big tooth on it and feel extraordinarily festive about dental health. We do, however, expect to hear from you quite soon. When you can pull yourself away from your plans and the craziness of the weekend, remember some very important details:

  • You need two visits with us annually, so check in on your calendar and give us a call.
  • It’s often difficult to run out for a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, or other item over the holiday weekend, so check that you’re all stocked up before the festivities begin!