Improving The Treatment Experience For Anxious Patients

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It can be hard for people with dental anxiety to receive the kind of quality dental care their smiles deserve. It should be noted that anxiety around oral health care is not something to be dismissed as an inconvenience. If you struggle with these feelings, you can share them with your dentist, who will work hard to provide you with the most comfortable possible environment. One way anxious patients can be helped is through dental sedation. Through sedation, patients can safely receive help to put them at ease while they are in the dentist’s chair. If you have let anxiety keep you away, you should know that regular dental care can help you keep your smile in better condition, so you are less likely to need more involved treatments in the future.

Different Degrees Of Sedation Help Patients With Different Degrees Of Dental Anxiety

Many patients will have nitrous oxide administered to them while they are undergoing dental care. This gas provides feelings of relaxation that allow you to remain conscious, but more at ease. Once the gas is no longer administered, the effects can wear off quickly enough that you can confidently drive yourself home.

For patients who need something more potent than nitrous oxide, oral sedation may be recommended. The effects can last longer, but they can be more effective when you need something stronger. That increased sense of comfort can be especially valuable to patients with a heightened sense of alarm about dental treatment.

Enjoy Better Long-Term Oral Care By Coming In For Regular Dental Checkups

When you feel comfortable at the dentist’s office, it can be easier to come in for regular dental exams. These exams allow your dentist to provide the preventive care that you need to avoid potentially serious oral health threats, meaning you are less likely to find yourself needing a more intensive kind of care.

Anxious Patients Can Count On Care From Spring Pearl Dental

At Spring Pearl Dental, our office is committed to making sure patients have the kind of care they truly need. If your needs include help managing dental anxiety, sedation may be the appropriate treatment for you. To learn more about our practice, or to set an appointment, contact us today at 281-651-2782. Located in Tomball, TX, we proudly provide care for patients from Spring, the Woodlands, Houston, Pinehurst, and all surrounding communities.