Is It Time For My Dental Checkup?

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Are you wondering if it’s time for your next dental checkup? Do you feel like you just came in a month ago but you cannot seem to remember the date? Maybe your last checkup was so very long ago that you don’t even remember which practice you visited, what the fashion was like at the time, or how long it’s been! No worries. Wherever you are with your oral health status, we are happy to help and look forward to seeing you.

Are You Consistent With Professional Care?

If you are consistent with your dental checkups with us, then we encourage you to give us a call to inquire about your last visit if you cannot remember (or to check your planner, phone, or wherever you keep a calendar). From your last visit, you will need to see us within six months, so plan accordingly. If it’s been a bit longer, don’t fret: Simply call us, so we can schedule a visit as soon as possible.

Are You Inconsistent With Professional Care?

Are you not sure when you had your last dental checkup because it’s probably been a year, a couple years, or even decades? If this is the case, we simply suggest that you call us to let us know you are ready to begin your dental care journey again and that you need a checkup! Remember that it’s never too late to get your oral health up-to-date and in good condition. However, we always recommend you get started right away, rather than waiting any longer. Your healthy smile is just around the corner.