Oral Sedation Quiz

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quiztabletWhen it comes down to decision time and you’re leaning toward choosing oral sedation over nitrous oxide, your ability to make a final choice can become a little difficult. In most cases, this is generally the result of a lack of information. Your goal, of course, is to feel good about what you’ve chosen, so you can feel confident it will lead to relaxing care. If you’re currently on the fence, we suggest you take our quiz. Determining whether an oral sedative is right for you is likely much easier than you think.

Quiz Questions: True or False?

  1. True or False: If you choose oral sedation, you will not be able to go home on your own after your visit.
  2. True or False: If you choose to take a pill for your sedation, it’s important to recognize that you just have to swallow a pill. It’s a good option for people who do not like injections.
  3. True or False: We don’t suggest you rely on an oral sedative if you feel anxious about the idea of it beginning to wear off while you’re at your visit.

Quiz Answers

  1. True. Unlike choosing nitrous oxide (which can wear off very quickly, so you can return home or to other plans on your own), the same is not true for oral sedation. Instead, you will need an escort, so you arrive home safely (you will not be permitted to drive) and so you can get comfortable (you’ll need to rest as the drug wears off).
  2. True. If needles or injections cause you anxiety, choosing to take the oral sedative is a wonderful decision. You’ll swallow a pill and that’s it.
  3. True. We suggest you combine it with nitrous oxide or that you choose laughing gas on its own if you are worried about receiving consistent sedation through the end of your visit.