Teeth Whitening 101

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smilewhitecaramelhairHave you found that you feel unhappy with your smile? Is the source of your dissatisfaction related to yellowing or general discoloration? If so, you have access to a cosmetic treatment commonly sought after by many patients other than yourself. Fortunately, teeth whitening will address your discoloration, leading you toward a brighter, whiter, more pleasing smile that you can feel proud to call your own. Ready to learn more about what you can expect and why your smile is looking so lackluster? Consider the following:

Why You Need Whitening

Teeth natural discolor over time. First, this is common to everyone as a natural result of aging, so you should not feel guilty as though maintaining a white smile is easy to achieve. Second, a variety of other common factors may contribute to the way your smile’s shade changes over time. If you smoke cigarettes or use other types of tobacco, it can quickly stain your teeth. The same is true for many foods and beverages, like coffee, berries, and tea, which are known for their deep pigmentation and ability to darken or yellow your teeth. You may even find that your smile becomes discolored due to certain medications.

Your Whitening Options

We offer in-office and at-home whitening for your convenience. Making the choice is primarily based on your own comfort and preferences, since both types of teeth whitening will yield brilliantly white results. If you choose in-office whitening, we will apply bleaching gel to your teeth for you, while protecting soft tissue – the process will take approximately one hour. If you choose home whitening, you will apply your own gel within custom-fitted whitening trays that we will provide you. Treatment will require that you whiten your teeth once a day for a full course lasting approximately 14 days.


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