Why Dental Cleanings Are Important For Cavity Prevention

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Your daily oral care habits play an important role in your efforts to prevent cavities from forming. Taking time to brush and floss your teeth will allow you to remove the harmful agents that can cause decay to take place. However, there are other beneficial actions you should consider. Think about your diet – if you have less sugar on average, you will lower your cavity risk. You should also consider regular dental exams part of your preventive strategy. The professional cleaning you receive at each appointment will help to protect you from future decay. These sessions do more than you can do for yourself during routine brushing and flossing. One big benefit is that a professional cleaning removes tartar, a sticky substance that can resist brushing and flossing efforts.

Removing Tartar Removes A Serious Cavity Threat

When your hygienist cleans your teeth, they use their tools to carefully remove harmful agents. Removing tartar is particularly important. While you can certainly remove plaque before tartar forms, it will take professional care to remove tartar. Once the substance has been rid from your teeth, you can rest assured that your risk for future problems is lower.

Other Benefits To Your Dental Checkups

Your regular dental checkups are beneficial to your overall oral health. One positive aspect of these visits is that it allows your dentist to identify problems early in their development, and stop them before they grow more serious. You may need to have a filling placed because your dentist sees a cavity forming on a tooth during a routine checkup. However, if you had not attended that checkup, that decay could have continued until the problem demanded a root canal treatment.

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