Why Do My Teeth Hurt When I’m Sick?

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Have you ever noticed that when you’re sick in bed with the common cold, sinus infection, or some other type of illness that leaves you with some serious congestion, your teeth hurt? There’s nothing like dealing with one problem only to be faced with discomfort in your smile, too! To help you make sense of why this oral health dilemma is happening to you, whether you’re alone or if this is quite common (no worries, it’s a frequent concern), and what to do about it, we are here to help!

Why It Happens

If your upper teeth hurt or feel very uncomfortable (possibly as though you wish you could pop them right out) when you’re dealing with congestion, this isn’t unusual. Your sinuses (you have multiple pairs) are located in quite close quarters with the roots of your upper teeth. When sinuses become congested, they swell and place pressure on teeth. When pressure is placed on dental nerves, an uncomfortable feeling may occur. If you’re dealing with an untreated oral health issue like decay, the pressure may make the issue feel much worse.

What To Do About It

First things first, taking an over-the-counter pain reliever like ibuprofen will help with discomfort and inflammation. As you may imagine, addressing the congestion is going to offer you the long-term relief you seek (so you may need to see your general practitioner). As for your oral health, it’s best to come in for a checkup when you’re feeling better. If the discomfort was the result of any underlying issues like decay, we can fix you right up.

Talk To Us About Your Toothache

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