Why Some Patients Prefer Oral Sedation

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You will notice that when it comes to sedation dentistry options, you have more than one. As a result, figuring out which one to choose can feel like a harrowing task when you don’t know how to narrow down the details. It’s often wise to ask about why patients choose one over the other to figure out which group of patients you more strongly identify with. If you’re considering oral sedation, we are happy to offer up reasons some patients prefer this over others as a helpful guide for you.

Taking A Pill Is An Everyday Thing

Choosing oral sedation is often considered an easy decision because the process if very familiar. We’ll provide you with a pill, you’ll swallow it, and you will feel nice and calm as a result. Most patients are quite accustomed to taking a pill every now and then (or daily), so the process is very simple and effective.

It’s Stronger Than Nitrous Oxide

Maybe you’ve received nitrous oxide before and you’re perfectly happy with it but you want a stronger sedative for a particular procedure. Perhaps you didn’t think it was strong enough to combat your dental anxiety, so you’d prefer to try something that will help you attain a deeper sense of relaxation. Whatever the case, when you want to increase the tranquil feeling you experience, oral sedation is a step beyond laughing gas.

It Doesn’t Include Needles

If you’re looking for something stronger than nitrous oxide but you don’t like needles, IV sedation is out. Oral sedation, of course, is in!