Bruxism Treatment

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Bruxism – or teeth grinding – sufferers often unconsciously perform habits that place great amounts of stress on their teeth and jaw joints. Complications of this disorder become particularly problematic because your entire mouth functions as a whole, allowing you to chew, speak, yawn, and smile. When one part of this complex framework becomes stressed, you may find that your comfort and daily function decline. Fortunately, we monitor you for signs of bruxism during your six-month dental checkups, so even if you recognize discomfort without attributing it to an underlying cause, we will guide you toward a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Understanding Bruxism

What Is It?

Bruxism, commonly called teeth grinding, is a disorder that may result in two potential outcomes: either we treat it preventively or the progressive nature of its side effects result in long-term damage. You may recognize that you suffer from bruxism if either you or a friend notices you grinding or clenching your teeth, which may become loud enough for others to hear. However, you may also suffer from symptoms without a clear cause if you are one of many individuals who grinds unknowingly or while sleeping.

Common Symptoms

While you will need to schedule a preventive visit for a definitive diagnosis, you may perform a quick self-test to find out whether bruxism is affecting you by checking the following symptoms:

  • You suffer from jaw discomfort
  • Your face or ear aches or feel sore
  • You suffer from eroded or fractured teeth
  • You have broken a tooth without a strong impact
  • Your teeth are beginning to feel extremely sensitive

Bruxism Treatment

We may treat bruxism with oral appliance therapy. Therapy is considered preventive because it will relieve your symptoms, while guiding you away from long-term damage to your teeth, jaw joints, and supportive tissues. You will wear a custom-fitted night guard while you sleep, which will cushion your bite so you may not grind or clench your teeth.

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