Dental Bridges

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One or more missing teeth will have a significant impact not only on your appearance but also on your oral health. Feeling distressed by an open space in your mouth is problem enough without needing to worry about potential threats to your future smile. Learn more about whether dental bridges may address your teeth replacement needs by scheduling a visit with Dr. McElravy today.

Dental Bridges

What Is A Dental Bridge?

We may replace one tooth or up to three missing teeth in a row with a dental bridge. Composed of a series of lifelike artificial teeth, the fixed device fills an opening in your smile with the support of anchor teeth – or the set of two natural teeth resting on either side of the open space in your smile. On each end of the bridge is a dental crown that we will cement over each anchor tooth. Placed between these end crowns are pontics, or artificial teeth that complete your smile.

What Are the Advantages?

Failing to act quickly when you suffer from tooth loss may affect more than your confidence. Your oral health may deteriorate as well. A bridge will prevent problems like the misalignment that occurs when remaining natural teeth migrate into the opening. You can expect to regain comfortable, successful chewing and articulate speaking. On a cosmetic level, we will color-match the artificial teeth for a beautiful, uniform smile.

Candidacy for Bridges

A bridge may replace a single tooth or a maximum of three teeth that rest side-by-side. We may consider you a more suitable candidate for partial dentures if you suffer from more severe tooth loss or if the missing teeth are spread across your arch rather than next to one another.

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