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Tooth decay occurs when plaque, a bacteria-filled substance, adheres to your teeth. The bacteria release acids that soften and damage a portion of your enamel, or the outermost layer of your tooth. The result is a hole that will continue to grow, leaving your tooth vulnerable to breakage or bacterial invasion. While effective brushing and flossing combined with six-month checkups and dental cleanings provides ample protection against decay, most people will experience a cavity at least once. Fortunately, dental fillings will treat your cavity, preventing it from worsening and restoring the structure of your tooth.

About Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings

A filling provides your tooth with two main forms of repair: After numbing your tooth and surrounding tissues, we will remove the decayed tissue within the cavity and then we will fill the opening to restore your tooth’s structure and functional capacity. We offer tooth-colored fillings, which means your restoration will be made of composite, a color-customizable acrylic resin material. Completed treatment will yield a tooth that looks as though it never suffered from tooth decay.

Composite Filling Benefits

Our fillings are metal free, which means you may enjoy health-related benefits in addition to the cosmetic advantages offered by white fillings:

  • Composite bonds directly to your tooth tissue, which promotes long-term, comfortable wear
  • Tooth-colored fillings match your surrounding tooth, so the filling will protect the cosmetic value of your smile
  • Composite is metal- and mercury-free, making it safe for most patients, including children, pregnant women, and individual allergic to metal
  • Acrylic resin is a weak thermal conductor – unlike with metal fillings, you will not experience heightened sensitivity to heat and cold

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