Make Sure Your 2018 Includes Great Preventive Dental Care

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We have officially started 2018, and you may already be hard at work observing your New Year’s Resolutions. This can be a great time to think about your oral health – after all, if you are guilty of habits that put your smile at risk, you could spend an unhappy amount of your year undergoing restorative dental work. Taking time to think about your diet, and the effectiveness of your oral care regimen, can benefit your overall well-being, in addition to protecting you against cavities and gum disease. You should also make sure you spend time this year seeing your dentist for routine dental checkups.

Routine Services You Can Count On From Your Dental Checkups

At every dental checkup, you will enjoy the attention of your dentist, and your hygienist. Your hygienist is tasked with carefully and thoroughly cleaning your smile. This is an important part of your visit, as your hygienist is able to remove tartar, which can cause serious trouble for your oral health, and cannot be removed through brushing and flossing. Your dentist’s evaluation gives you expert insight into the current state of your smile, and they can alert you to signs of problems that may need attention.

Improving Your Daily Preventive Dental Care Can Improve Your Cavity Defense

Taking steps to improve your daily oral care can lead to the sustaining of a healthier, more attractive smile. If you are not currently flossing, you should absolutely start practicing this important habit. When you floss, you remove plaque and other harmful debris from the spaces between teeth. These spaces are hard to clean through brushing alone, and can go without proper care. Reducing your intake of products that are higher in sugar, or more acidic, can lower your risk for dental problems.

Talk To Spring Pearl Dental To Schedule Preventive Dental Care

At Spring Pearl Dental, patients have access to superior preventive dental care, and can look forward to dedicated support from a caring and knowledgeable staff. If you would like to schedule your next dental checkup and cleaning, contact us today at 281-651-2782. Located in Tomball, TX, we proudly welcome patients from Spring, the Woodlands, Houston, Pinehurst, and all surrounding communities.