Making Sure Your Tooth Is Completely Restored After A Cavity

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What kind of dental work will it take to fully treat a cavity that is affecting your tooth? When you go in for a restorative dental procedure to eliminate tooth decay, your dentist’s first task is to remove all damaged or infected tissue from your tooth. Unfortunately, our teeth are not able to grow back the damaged tissue after a cavity is removed. A dental filling can protect your tooth from future infections, and help you avoid functional problems, when you have decay addressed. However, if your cavity is larger, or if it requires a root canal treatment, your dentist will need to place a dental crown. You can be relieved to see that modern materials make for life-like restorations.

Why Your Cavity Might Require A Root Canal Treatment

A cavity will only require a root canal treatment if your dentist has to address an infection that has infiltrated your pulp. It is important that this problem is dealt with promptly – when an infection causes internal problems, it can be painful, and put you at risk for losing your tooth!

If you want to make sure you stop a cavity before you need a root canal, see your dentist for regular checkups. During each appointment, a careful review of your smile will be performed, and any cavities can be removed before they grow large enough to create more trouble.

Using A Dental Crown To Provide Lasting Restorative Support

A dental crown can completely cover your tooth above your gum line, and can absorb pressures from biting and chewing. Not every crown has to completely cover your tooth. Inlays and onlays offer more coverage than a filling, but leave parts of your tooth uncovered. An inlay can protect the space of your tooth between your cusps. Onlays will extend over a cusp, and cover a significant amount of your tooth without totally covering it.

Talk To Spring Pearl Dental If You Are Concerned About A Cavity

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