Root Canals

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When bacteria enter your tooth through a cavity or a crack, an infection typically ensues. Once infected, your body will not remedy the problem on its own. Restorative dentistry, however, may rescue your tooth with root canal treatment. If you experience sudden discomfort or other symptoms of infection, we urge you to schedule a visit with Dr. McElravy immediately. The sooner we remove the infection, the greater protection we offer the health of your tooth and your entire smile.

About Root Canal Treatment

What Can I Expect?

Your comfort is of the utmost importance to us. Before we begin, we will thoroughly numb your tooth and the surrounding tissues. We will then create a small opening in your tooth, through which we may remove the infected dental pulp and debris. Using a substance called gutta percha, we will then seal your tooth and administer a filling. In most cases, we will cover and protect the tooth with a beautiful dental crown to restore your function and beauty.

Why Do I Need Treatment?

Your root canals are hollows within the lowermost portions of your tooth (or your roots), which are lined with dental pulp. These canals house tissue in which nerves and blood vessels live, acting as the life source for your tooth. Once infected, dental pulp must be removed to save the health of your tooth. Your tooth can continue to live successfully without its pulp but will likely die and threaten surrounding teeth when infected pulp is neglected.

Root Canal Benefits

Root canal treatments offer patients a final option for rescuing their tooth. The procedure requires more time than a dental filling, but most patients agree it is just as comfortable as a filling. With that in mind, look over the additional benefits of root canal therapy for a deeper understanding of how it may protect your oral health:

  • Treatment removes the source of your discomfort
  • Removing the infection protects your tooth from abscessing, while protecting surrounding teeth from the spread of infection
  • Root canal therapy protects your tooth from death and the subsequent need for a tooth extraction and tooth replacement

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